Alison Gates:

Hi! I’m Alison Gates, an artist, academic, educator, writer, reseacher, feminist and reviewer who cultivates flax and natural dyes on the side. I work primarily in assemblage sculpture and stitched or knitted/knotted textiles with emotional/political content. Sometimes, I take things apart for the sake of iconoclasm. Once in a while I will dabble in performance. On one notable occasion a collaborator and I managed to engage the public in a large project involving many individuals making their own work. I work on projects with a Medieval Archaeologist and a Biologist regularly.  I’ve been told my work is dark, but also funny. I’m fine with that.  As for credentials, I hold a Master’s of Fine Art in Studio Textiles from the University of Washington and teach full time as a professor in both the Art Program and the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay.